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Main Source is a local pharmacy that provides customers with 5-star service and easy, fast and free prescription delivery. Get started today and enjoy a better pharmacy experience. Serving all of Suffolk, Nassau and the rest of New York State!

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Here's How It Works

MainSource Pharmacy makes getting prescriptions delivered easy.
Here’s how it works.

Send Prescription

Send Prescription

New Prescription: Tell your doctor to fax or ePrescribe to Main Source Pharmacy. Existing Prescription: Text or call 631-760-1114
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We Confirm Delivery

We Confirm Delivery

One of our techs will contact you to collect your insurance copay, confirm your address and set up a delivery time.
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Medication is Delivered

Medication is Delivered

A Main Source Pharmacy delivery driver will deliver your medication for free. All you pay is your normal copay.

Main Source Pharmacy is Open to the Public and Accepts Most Insurance Plans

Getting your meds has never been this easy.

No more waiting in line. We deliver right to your front door – for free.
Same Day / Next Day Delivery

Suffolk County

Same Day / Next Day Delivery

Nassau County

Same Day / Next Day Delivery

NYC Tri-Borough & Westchester

2-3 Business Days

Upstate New York


Our Goal Is to Maximize Your Insurance Benefits and Save You Money

How To Send a Prescription to Main Source Pharmacy

It’s easy to setup a new prescription or transfer/refill your current prescription with Main Source Pharmacy.


What Customers Say About MainSource

Main Source Pharmacy provides convenient, affordable, and hassle free pharmacy for patients and physician offices.

Main Source saved me time and money by finding coupons and offering same day medication delivery to my door

Vicky Rosen, Patient of 5 years


Main Source Pharmacy is a a specialty pharmacy that works directly with  manufacturers and distributors in order to get the lowest medication prices and pass on the savings to our patients.  Additionally Main Source Pharmacy has access to many co-pay savings programs and financial assistance programs.

Yes, Main Source Pharmacy is independley owned and is a women owned business.

Yes, we specialize in custom medication compounding. Speak to one of our pharmacist today for more information.

Yes, Main Source Pharmacy specializes in no fault and workers compensation medication fulfillment.
We have assisted in filling hundreds of cases on Long Island and NYC. We collaborate with the legal,
medical and insurance companies to take the burden of denied medications away.
We offer fast medication fulfillment with a $0 out of pocket cost & free home delivery.
Patients insurance company is 100% responsible for the cost of any medications.

Main Source Pharmacy accepts all major insurance plans. We also offer non-insurance pricing that is competitive with or lower than most other pharmacies or drug programs.

Main Source Pharmacy will file claims with your insurance company and provide all the necessary paperwork needed if a claim is denied. We will work together with your doctors office to try and get your medication approved or find another medication that is covered.

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